Signing the rock after graduation at York College, where you'll find plenty of Greek symbols.



想给你的故事增加一章? Greek organizations seek new members each semester to become a part of a brotherhood or sisterhood that lasts far beyond your four years at York. Students may choose to participate in formal spring recruitment or informal fall recruitment. In order to join a fraternity or sorority on campus, interested students must have completed at least one semester of classes and have an established GPA of 2.5+.

2017年Phi Mu秋季聚会
When you join a sorority or fraternity, you're gaining sisters or brothers for life.


  • 女生联谊会正式招聘

    Every Spring, students who have completed at least one semester of college and earned a minimum 2.5 GPA have an opportunity to meet the members the sororities on campus and begin their journey of finding their place in Greek Life. Those interested in joining a sorority can meet the sisters and learn more about each different organization all while making new friends and finding their second home at YCP. This week-long process is an unforgettable experience and is something students remember well beyond their four years at York.


  • 姐妹会持续招募

    Recruitment in the fall is held in a more informal setting that gives potential new members the opportunity to meet the different sororities. These one-on-one sessions allow students to get to know the members of different chapters and establish a closer relationship before joining their sisterhood. Students wishing to participate in Fall Recruitment must also have completed at least one semester of course work and have an established GPA.

    Sororities hold numerous events including friendship parties, informational sessions and small group meetings and invitations for membership are extended on a chapter by chapter basis. Those interested in participating in fall recruitment are encouraged to attend open house events hosted by Panhellenic Council. Follow @PanhellenicYCP on social media to stay up to date on fall recruitment! 

  • 兄弟会招聘

    Students interested in joining a fraternity on campus have the opportunity to meet the brother's of different organizations through different events and activities. 就像姐妹会一样, those interested must have completed at least one semester of course work at YCP and have an established GPA. IFC hosts meet and greet events to encourage students to meet all seven IFC fraternities on campus and find their best fit. 不像女生, fraternities don't have a formal recruitment process, but you can check out their schedule of events below.

    Make sure you follow @IFC_YCP on social media to stay up to date on fraternity recruitment. 


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