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Content 辅导 和 Supplemental Instruction

不清楚今天的讲座内容? 需要帮助理解你的作业? 准备考试?


The 学业成功中心 (ASC) provides tutors for many lower-level courses throughout the curriculum. Tutors work one-on-one or with small groups depending on the subject to help students underst和 course content, complete assignments 和 prep是 for tests 和 exams. Most tutors 是 experienced students who successfully completed the course with a 3.0 or higher, meaning they bring knowledge about the subject the YCP course to their sessions with students.

许多入门科学的导师, 业务, 和 humanities classes 是 available on a dropin basis–no 任命 is required. You can view the 导师安排 for the current semester by visiting the Drop-In Tutor schedule. 我的导师长沙, 护理与心理学 可通过以下方式预约 斯巴达成功网络.

The ASC also provides exam review sessions for select math classes connected with a math mentor 和 supplemental instruction sessions for select introductory biology 和 chemistry courses. 看到 ASC新闻 page for upcoming sessions 和 workshops being hosted at the ASC.

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  • 辅导费用是多少?

    没有什么! 辅导是学费的一部分. 

  • 我多久可以接受一次辅导?

    没有任何限制 dropin 辅导. 你需要来就来吧! 为 数学辅导 这是由 任命, students 是 restricted to two hours per day with math tutors.

  • 我去哪里补习?

    While most 辅导 occurs in the 学业成功中心, located in Humanities Room 1 in the lower-level of the Humanities building, some tutors 是 available in alternate locations based on particular disciplines. 例如, nursing 辅导 often takes place in Diehl Hall 和 Engineering 和 计算机科学 辅导 often takes place in the 金斯利工程中心.

    Some tutors 是 also available to meet via Zoom. 看到 location listed next to your tutor on the 导师安排 查看它们的具体位置. 

  • 我需要预约吗?

    大多数辅导都是旁听式的, so you just need to come to the 学业成功中心 or alternative 辅导 location during a tutor’s stated hours. 检查 上门导师时间表 for announcements of any changes to tutors’ availability. M长沙, 护理与心理学 辅导 does occur by 任命. 访问 斯巴达成功网络 预约.

  • 我应该带什么去补习班?

    Bring any materials you have related to the class 和/or specific assignment you 是 working on, 包括教科书, 笔记, 材料由教授提供.

  • I’m not available during the hours listed on the schedule for the tutor(s) for my class OR I don’t see a tutor listed for my course. 我还能得到帮助吗?

    如果你在 目前的辅导时间 available for your course or don’t see a tutor listed for your course, reach out to asc@no1-lovebaby.com 和 the Academic Success staff will work with you to try to coordinate an alternative solution so you can get you the help you need.

电话: 717.815.1296
星期一至星期四:上午9点.m. - 8 p.m.
星期五:上午9点.m. - 5 p.m.
星期一至星期四:上午9点.m. - 5 p.m.