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Discover how the past engages and connects the public today.

What if you could combine your love of history with a talent for communicating with the public? 作为一个公共历史专业的学生, you’ll examine areas such as public historical interpretation, preservation and oral history to understand what makes up our public history. 

The skills and knowledge developed from expert faculty, 独立研究, 和实习, including a focus on sharing history in a digital world, create an ideal combination of a rigorous education with a liberal arts discipline. Ensuring student success, from day one.

Public history majors can go on to work at historical sites or museums, 政府机构, 或者在酒店行业, 举几个例子. Interested in working as a curator, archivist, preservationist or policymaker? You will graduate prepared to succeed in any of these careers or continue on to a graduate program.

History professor Peter Levy with York College students


Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation
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