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Be the powerful communicator who tells the story of a company or organization that makes the world take notice.

Get connected to the world with services such as the 24-hour Associated Press satellite news service and CNN 新闻ource — just like what commercial news outlets receive daily — or create news yourself by writing stories for the campus newspaper, 斯巴达式的, 或者是校园广播电台. Work as a team and develop a public relations campaign for a local client. Study crisis communications from one of the country’s leading experts.

Our 公共关系 major provides a thorough background in the theoretical principle and the practical application of public relations so you understand the why and the how behind brand and personal communication. You’ll see how communication objectives are met by for-profit and not-for-profit companies and firms, 训练战略性思考. Our program also requires majors to take writing classes designed for work in public relations, as excellent writing skills are always in demand.

公共关系专业的学生Tiffany R. studying for a communications exam at York College
作为一个公共关系专业的学生, 你会获得公开演讲的经验, 公关活动, 危机沟通等等.
Professor Lowell Briggs has spent his professional career developing an expertise in Crisis 通信 and is now sharing his experiences in his Crisis 通信 Management class at YCP. 下载本视频的文字记录.


Our graduates have gone on to work for American Cancer Society, 美国银行, 国土安全部, 宾夕法尼亚州立大学和其他学院, 联合劝募协会和Wellspan健康协会. You’ll be confident headed into your job search with hands-on experience starting your first year and an opportunity to design and execute a PR campaign. 可能的职业包括:
  • 公共关系或市场经理
  • 危机传播主管
  • Social media Planners or Consultants; Website Content Experts
  • Spokespersons or Public Information Officers
  • Event Coordinators, Integrated 市场营销 Consultants, and more


Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation

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